It's been wonderful and achieved more than I was hoping for though so many thanks.

I look forward to my session, I always get a good feeling coming away and really believe in my hypnotherapist Jakub.

Maria, business owner
I got new insights and AHA moments on every single session, which have made shifts right away and helped me to move on faster. The sessions made me to look at situations in my life differently and find new paths where and how to go. I am very thankful, this has been certainly a big shift for me.

Veronika Vesper, singer
Jakub is a charismatic personality with a great ability to empathize and understand. He can look at things from different angles and see the light in the most fiendish situations and problems. He is one of few people who have influenced and inspired me much in my life.

Ladislav V., restaurant operator
Seldom you find someone to laugh with so much from the heart, like with Jakub. Pure soul and positive attitude. You will appreciate Jakub's ability, when his view from a distance will pull you out off the cycle of everyday worries and woes, and along with him you will look at the world again through the eyes of a cheerful, happy child nurtured and protected inside by the wiser among us.

Kateřina Kozlíková, researcher - trainee
Jakub is a highly intelligent man who can certainly pull you from the bottom. However, only if you want to.

Barbora Doubková, student
I thought that I cannot confide my problems and troubles to anyone. I am very grateful to Jakub who very patiently listened to me and thus helped me a lot. Looking at the old sorrows in a new way, he eliminated almost all of them.

Monika Slavíková, therapist
Jakub has a great gift of empathy and he can very quickly find the cause of suffering. I work as a therapist, but when I do not feel good and do not know what to do myself, I go to Jakub. I know that he will help me.


Antonella Strada, London

"I wanted to let you know that I felt much better after the last session. It helped a lot with my general wellbeing both physical and psychological."

Barbora Doubková, student

“The problems I had suddenly dissolved. I stopped to think up possible ways to solve things, but started to act!”

Michal Kozelka, senior copywriter

"Jakub always shows up when needed. He can feel when things are not in harmony. Many times he helped me to overcome difficult times and find a way out of trouble. It is great to have such friends around."

Markéta Blatná, accounting assistant

"Jakub has a great merit on my current health state (which is more than satisfactory). Thanks to his sessions I am more calm, balanced and feel better on the whole."

Beáta Tománková, student

"Jakub is a medium who helps me find peace with myself."

Younis Yaqub, London

"I enjoyed 5 sessions of hypnotherapy with Jakub, it has worked for me and my well being."

Kuldip Singh Sahota (London) talking about his second session of hypnosis.

Testimonial about session of the Reconnective Healing at drop-in Healing Clinic which was held at ALALA in Brighton.

Testimonial after session with Hana (Prague), apologies for quality of the video, it has been recorded by Skype.