What is Reconnective healing?

Reconnective healing is a new therapeutic method coming through the spectrum of light. If we talk about Reconnective healing as a method, we would not be absolutely correct; it is neither a technique nor a method that can show us what we want to hear: how and when. It is a state exceeding all expectations. All the known methods of treatment use healing energy for “relocation” from somewhere to somewhere. Not so reconnective healing: it is a state of submission, the state of truth, the state that is difficult to describe in words. Healing happens thanks to reconnective frequencies. Modern allopathic medicine still cannot explain this phenomenon, yet it is a gift we have been waiting for. These frequencies helping to influence the processes in the body result in total relaxation, the body then heals itself without intervention of any outside force; it is a miracle that we can achieve easily. Searching for an explanation or any influence on the recovery could be an endless journey; a recovery is perhaps sufficient explanation in itself and we can once again enjoy the most valuable thing we have just after love, and that is health. Is not being healthy again the best gift of all?

Here you can find several stories of successful treatment.

"Every experience with reconnective healing is unique. Recoveries are often reported immediately in the course of a single session; at other times it takes little longer before healing develops. If you are lucky, your healing will come in the form that you expect; when you are really lucky, your healing will come in a form you never dreamed of, in form which the Universe had in mind just for you." Dr. Eric Pearl

Can reconnective healing be used remotely?

Yes, it is possible, however, personal session can be necessary in some cases.

Price of reconnective healing

Reconnective healing® lasts approximately 45 minutes. The recommended number of sessions is between one and three. It is entirely up to you how many sessions you choose.

Price of one session is  £70.

Remote healing free of charge! Call now 0770 4734 834

Healing Stories

“My patients are gradually having reductions in medications (I work with what was formerly an inpatient psychotic acuity). Also, stays have been dramatically shortened in chronic clients. These results are documentable and not subject to supposition as these patients have a 20-30 year database to base this statement on.”  Mary Garski, Registered Nurse

“My daughter’s gastrointestinal problem was healed in 1 session.” Judah Lyons, Rolfer/Massage Therapist

“Friday morning Aug. 2, I broke the 2nd toe on my left foot. I was in extreme pain and had a hard time walking. I felt lots of energy radiate from Dr. Pearl during his lecture. The next morning the pain was 90% gone and I could walk much better. — Noelle R. Williams, Office Manager

“My doctor told me Thursday night I would have a hard time being in a seminar all weekend because of a pinched sciatic nerve. It is Sunday and I can bend and flex my legs and hips and lower back like I could not for years. I am confident the healing will continue up my spine.” — Pamela J. Bennett, Computer Systems Engineer

“A 20 year old girl was referred to me by her podiatrist who had tried to help her heal her tendonitis with no success. After a 30-minute session, the girl walked out pain free and called the next day to say the tendonitis was completely gone and she was wearing sandals for the first time in years! Now 6 months later, the tendonitis has yet to return.

“An older woman with fibromyalgia came to me and said that she was in such pain she had to sleep on a couch surrounded with pillows. She had not moved her elbow in 2 years and had surgery on her ankle a couple of months before. Her back was always in pain. After one 30-minute session, she got up from the table and bent her elbow. "Wow," she said. Then she moved her ankle around. "Wow," she said. Then she sort of moved her back from side to side. "Wow," she said. After a moment she said, "Is this how normal people feel." She told me 4 days later that her life had completely turned around and her kids and husband could not believe it.”
— Harriet Knight

“I have had allergies for years (to all kinds of grass, walnut trees, chocolate, perfume and more). I was in the worst part of the season for me when I came to Dr. Pearl for chronic neck pain. Several days after my first treatment I realized I was no longer suffering from allergies.” — Laurie Lewandowski

“In May I developed eczema on my chin, and it had begun spreading to my cheeks. This really worried me, because most of my family has struggled with this skin disorder for years and now it was happening to me. I’d used every cream imaginable to get rid of it, but I was starting to get depressed because it wasn’t going away! It was always sore and burning and I was becoming frustrated because it hurt and it looked ugly. It had begun to really affect my appearance, and I was afraid I was going to have to deal with it forever.

When I had my healing session I never really considered how the eczema might be affected, in fact I didn’t expect anything at all to happen! But in the session I felt a warming throughout my body, and an intense heat in a few areas. The most intense heat was in my face. I didn’t think anything of it that night but in the morning as I put on my make-up I realized the eczema was completely gone! It’s never come back since!” — Stacy

“For the last 8+ years I have had chronic neck pain requiring frequent chiropractic manipulations. Things got even worse when I had a skiing accident and a rafting accident — adding fibrositis to an already compromised state. My condition was at an all time low this past year — chronic neck pain mainly from the fibromyalgia — always having pain on a daily basis.

My experience here was nothing like I had expected but everything that I had hoped for. During the 3 sessions [with Dr. Pearl] I felt like years of suffering and pain were being purged from my body. The last day — all symptoms of neck pain and headache were gone — also was gone was me waking up with hand numbness every morning.” — Kim

(Source: www.thereconnection.com)


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