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About me

As a little boy I had dreams which later came true. I did not understand it, and because nobody believed me, I always checked given moments and they always got confirmed: the time, date, every detail. Several years later I had an intense dream in which I died; today I know that with this moment my “journey” has begun. When I was older, I do not know why, but I felt power my hands and so, even though I knew nothing about any treatment method, I used my hands for healing and witnessed unexpected improvements. In the following years I was engaged in business, yet I knew that sooner or later there will come times when I will have to decide. Early in 2010 I started working on the change which was supported by my long-awaited “decision”.


I am considering about importance of the BLOG and for sure it is very useful tool, therefore I created my blog, you can leave your comment. This Blog is on http://ihypnosis.org.uk/blog/.

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News & Updates

18/12/2012 - Last weekend was workshop in Brighton about Lovefullness. Part of the record will be on the internet radio Lovefullness.

29/11/2012 - I am delighted that I can introduce you new album released today in London named The power of Lovefullness. At this time album is on Google Play here or on CD Baby here, on Amazon here.

Do not miss the film The Living Matrix (trailer here). The group of dedicated scientists, psychologists, bioenergetics and holistic medicine practitioners shows that healing with energy information is very successful. The movie examines the body of quantum physics and helps you realise that we are much more than just biochemical machines. If you are interested in the DVD, call now +44 (0)770 4734 834

I recommend to watch the following videos, they are a great inspiration: click here and here.